Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A brave new world.

So today is the day. The day we finally decided that having a blog is a good idea. We have now been selling incredible vintage and thrift items for one year in our brick and mortar store, Rick's Relics.  Additionally we have been selling stuff on Etsy for about seven months now. While Etsy and our retail location are both wonderful for their own reasons, there is a certain amount of just awesome stuff that really doesn't belong on/in either place.  This is why we started this blog. Because this stuff is basically brillant, and needs an audience. So thanks readers, and please enjoy our views on the world, what junk is cool, and living in a desolate wasteland.
what this stuff is: norelco sportsman shaver from the sixties, Fantasy get well cards, late sixties, 1940's style fire retardant (remember to throw WITH FORCE), late 40's tole tray, age unknown asian chalkware face,awesome 1980's bird postcard, neverdull tin from 1954, and three film processing metal canisters (kodak)

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